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Deploying a poorly prepared or tested package can crash mission-critical applications, slow productivity and send help desk costs soaring.

Software Packaging Solutions ensure that packagers can be deployed in reliable MSI packages successfully time and time over by utilising central repository for storing applications, enabling testing to eliminate application conflicts ensuring the readiness to streamline migration planning.

Software Packaging Solutions are able to cut the total cost of time to deploy workstations setup and  elimintate time by up to 70% with absolute increased Automation through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
Deploy applications to desktops with 99% success or better and the entire process is quicker than any other method for Windows 7 and 8 application deployment while always knowing exactly what is in the environment with access all software binary files and metadata for virtual and MSI packages via a database.

Software Packaging Solutions final process generates reports and dashboards include high-level statistics, a list of modified packages and recent catalog management activity and Unified Application Compatibility Reporting (UACRIM) and Issue Management

Software Packaging Solutions streamlines all phases of application compatibility  testing, validation and conflict testing to ensure that the performance of computer systems gain their maximum performance.

Software Packaging Solutions are 100% focused on the readiness process lifecycle that supports leading software deployment tools - including

  • Microsoft® System Center Configuration Manager,
  • Novell® ZENworks,
  • LANDesk® Management Suite,
  • BMC® Configuration Management (Marimba),
  • Citrix XenApp, Symantec™
  • Altiris Client Management Suite
  • IBM® Tivoli®










“Applications installed on demand without conflict”

Accelerated migration with Software Packaging Solutions


Solutions & Services