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Quality assurance process

 About SPS  Quality assurance

People have a perception that  Application readiness projects such as windows 7 & 8 are very complex.

Now a days there is diverse applied technology within an workplace, employees like to utilize their own smart devices and portable computer hardware or Bring your own device (BYOD). SPS have the ability to help your organization with that process of user based computing, user centric computing can be very complex.

figure 1.1 demonstrates Software Packaging Solutions designed to ensure the smooth implementation with the process of migration roll-outs, ITIL certified programmers run a special process for application migration:

  • Identify the existing IT environment
  • Rationalise the existing applications environment with consideration of new operating systems and environments.
  • Assess the compatibility of the existing environment with the newly considered updates and operating environment
  • Developing a plan (not only for the entire project) however more a plan the resource allocation, ie implementation schedule plan etc.
  • Package development process, including re analysis of the rationalisation process, then
  • Testing and conditioning application visualisation for the planned environment. If you have web applications in your environment then they should be tested across multiple web browsers SPS have that covered.
  • Deployment process, this will include applying the software packages into the existing work environment.















“Applications installed on demand without conflict”

Accelerated migration with Software Packaging Solutions


Quality assurance process